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In Cosmetics 2011
April 2011
Miwon presented two powerful new peptide actives at the show
Miwon participated in In-Cosmetics, which took place in Italy from 29 to 31 October. At the exhibition, Miwon presented
two newly developed peptide actives; DermaPepTM A350, retinoic acid-like antiaging peptide and DermaPepTM W411,
a mixture of two powerful whitening peptides. Both peptides have been tested clinically and proved as most powerful
ingredients among any products marketed in the field.

Especially, retinoic acid-like peptide, DermaPepTM A350 most attracted many visitors at the show dropped by our booth.
The efficacy of retinoic acid has been well studied. However, it is well-known that topical retinoic acid causes skin
irritation, which precludes its use in some skin diseases. In addition, retinoic acid has been classified as prescription
drug, which also precludes its use as cosmetic active. DermaPepTM A350, as more powerful substitute for retinoic
acid, will surely be the choice where safe antiaging and hyperpigmentation treatment are needed.

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