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New Product Launch
December, 2012
Miwon is pleased to announce the lauch of new tetrapeptide for skin aging
Miwon is pleased to announce the launch of a new antiaging tetrapeptide, DermaPepTM A440,
a peptide selected from 2800 tetrapeptide libraries.

Our study showed that DermaPepTM A440 powerfully suppressed MMP-1 production and promoted
procollagen-1 synthesis in human skin fibroblasts. In human keratinocytes, DermaPepTM A440 also 
strongly inhibited the expression and production of proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1, IL-6 and
IL-8. Clinical study, performed on 30 Asian volunteers, confirmed its powerful anti-wrinkle and 
anti-aging efficacy.

For further information, please review in our product section.