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New product Launch
November, 2014
DermaPep™ Pepanagen: New hair growth stimulating and anti-hair loss peptide

Miwon is excited to announce the launch of a new hair growth stimulating and anti-hair loss peptide, DermaPepTM Pepanagen.

Our study shows that DermaPepTM Pepanagen is an effective hair growth stimulating peptide by promoting cell proliferation on Human follicular papilla, keratinocyte and skin fibroblast cells. In addition, DermaPepTM Pepanagen increases melanin production and tyrosinase activities, so it may delay the entry from the anagen phase toward the catagen phase. In clinical study, evaluation performed on 32 healthy Asian volunteers suffering from hair loss problem, confirms that DermaPepTM Pepanagen increases the human hair density within 16weeks.

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