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New product Launch
DermaPep™ WrinCare: New rejuvenative product

Miwon is pleased to announce the launch of a new anti-aging peptides product, DermaPepTM WrinCare, a powerful ingredient to rejuvenate the skin.

DermaPepTM WrinCare, a mixture of TGF beta mimic myristoyl tetra-peptide and MMP-1 inhibitor myristoyl tetra-peptide, effectively boosts the procollagen production and strongly inhibits MMPs which are collagen degrading enzymes under normal or UV irradiated condition.  In vitro studies show that procollagen production is performed via TGF-beta signaling by myristoyl tetrapeptide-6 and MMP-1 in inhibited via AP-1 de-activating pathway by myristoyl tetrapeptide-34. These two peptides show additional effects on human skin aging by working respectively. In clinical study also shows that each of peptides has brilliant effect on reducing wrinkles.

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