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INCI name: Myristoyl Tetrapeptide-6, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol

DermaPep™ A4000 is a mixture of DermaPep™ A420 and DermaPep™ A510. The former is a mimic peptide of TGF-β and the latter a pentapeptide fragment derived from collagen type I. DermaPep™ A420 plays a prominent role in the accumulation of ECM components by increasing expression of ECM genes such as collagen and fibronectin. DermaPep™ A510 stimulates the synthesis of collagen type I and Ⅳ.

In vivo and in vitro study results show that DermaPep™ A4000 works synergistically to fight against aging. There was an excellent improvement in terms of reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by DermaPep™ A420 and a decrease of wrinkle depth and volume by DermaPep™ A510 in vivo. Surprisingly, the combination of both peptides showed more profound effect on collagen synthesis than either peptide alone in vitro. DermaPep™ A4000 is therefore effective and powerful tools to maintain skin dermal thickness and to fight against signs of aging.
Mechanism of Collagen Production

DermaPep™ A4000
-Affinity for TGF-β receptor
-Increase of procollagen I protein production
-Increase of mRNA stability
-Upregulation of TGF-β

In vitro Efficacy

The efficacy of DermaPep™ A4000 has been demonstrated in vitro by measuring procollagen I protein expression on Hs68 fibroblast cell line.

 Anti-wrinkle effect of DermaPep™ A4000

DermaPep™ A4000 was found to significantly increase the expression of type I procollagen protein in human fibroblast Hs68 cells in vitro.
In vivo Efficacy

The clinical test was performed on 32 Asian female volunteers (Bangkok), aged 35 to 60. 2% formula containing DermaPep™ A420 or DermaPep™ A510 has been applied twice daily during 12 weeks on the crow’s feet area. Evaluation was performed by replica analysis (evaluation of the anti-wrinkle effect).

 Wrinkle reduction effect of DermaPep™ A420
DermaPep™ A420 showed significant wrinkle reducing effect on healthy volunteers compared to the untreated area.

 Wrinkle reduction effect of DermaPep™ A510
DermaPep™ A510 showed significant wrinkle reducing effect on healthy volunteers compared to the untreated area.

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