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INCI name: Myristoyl Tetrapeptide-34, Butylene Glycol

MMP-1 is the enzyme mainly responsible for collagen breakdown and inhibition of new collagen formation in the skin. Exposure of the skin to UV radiation results in the upregulation of several different MMPs and the repeated upregulation of these collagen-degrading enzymes over time is thought to underlie the collagen damage that is one of the hallmarks of photoaging. DermaPep™ A440, innovative antiaging tetrapeptide, has been developed to maximally and effectively inhibit these matrix degrading MMPs and to restore collagen-levels back to normal.

In vitro results show that DermaPep™ A440 greatly inhibited the expression and production of MMP-1 under both UV-stimulated and non-stimulated condition and restored collagen levels significantly. In addition, DermaPep™ A440 considerably lowered the MMP levels that have been produced by ROS or RNS. Finally,
in vivo clinical study results prove that DermaPep™ A440 is surely one of the best antiaging agents in the market  

In vitro Efficacy

The efficacy of DermaPep™ A440 has been demonstrated in vitro by measuring MMP-1 production under UVB/UVA irradiated or non-stimulated condition on human skin fibroblast cells

DermaPep™ A440 reduces MMP-1 production and restores procollagen type Ⅰ against UV irradiation. In addition DermaPep™ A440 also lowered the MMP levels followed by ROS or RNS (data not shown).
In vivo Efficacy

In a clinical study with 21 Asian healthy female volunteers (Korea), aged 30 to 65, 2 % formula containing DermaPep™A440 had been applied twice daily during 12 weeks on the face area. Evaluation was performed by Transparancy profilometry analysis using visiometer SV600(Courage-Khazaka electronic GmbH, Germany) and digital photography.

-Anti wrinkle effect

DermaPep™A440 showed great anti-wrinkle effect by reducing the wrinkle parameters like skin roughness, smoothness depth and expert’s assessment.

DermaPep™A440 showed significant improvement in all the parameters measured and proved to be the powerful anti-wrinkle agent.

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