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INCI name: Myristoyl Dipeptide-13

Although hair disorders are not life threatening, their profound impact on social interaction and on patients’ psychological aspect is undeniable. The demand for the treatment of hair loss has led to a multibillion-dollar industry. Despite this, most currently marketed products are ineffective, evidenced by the fact that the FDA has approved only two treatments for hair loss, one of which is minoxidil solution.

DermaPep™Pepanagen is developed as a safe, low-priced, and highly effective hair nutrition, anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating agents as the ingredients for topical formulations.

In vitro study results show that DermaPep™Pepanagen prolongs the anagen phase and delays the entry toward the catagen phase by promoting the proliferation of dermal papilla cells, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes and by increasing melanin production. In vivo study results show that DermaPep™Pepanagen inhibits hair loss, strengthens hairs and promotes hair regrowth eventually.
In vitro Efficacy

DermaPepPepanagen promotes cell proliferation on human dermal papilla cells, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes. It also stimulates melanin synthesis on melanocytes.

 Proliferation effect of Dermapep Pepanagen

In clinical Efficacy

Evaluation of the in vivo hair growth stimulation efficacy of DermaPepPepanagen and Minoxidil was conducted in healthy Asian male and female subjects(1:1) exhibiting of hair loss problem. The evaluation was performed using Videomicroscopy and Self-assessment using questionnaires (Spincontrol Asia, Bangkok, Thailand). Both of the two ingredients showed the increase of the hair density after 16 weeks

 Result of the Evaluation of the Hair Density

 Result of the Self-assessment Questionnaire for DermaPep Pepanagen(1%)

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