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Aging of skin is an intricate biological process and responsible for the majority of age-related changes including wrinkles, roughness, reduction of elasticity and mottled hyperpigmentation.

DermaPepTM Youcel shows real effect on hydro-lifting as well as skin brightening. This product is a blend of 5 super powerful peptides in golden ratio. DermaPep TM 350, known as retinoic acid like peptide, shows anti-wrinkle. DermaPep TM 420, a TGF-beta mimic, gives effect on regeneration and anti-aging of skin. DermaPep TM 440, known as collagen protector, inhibits collagen breakdown by suppressing collagen-degrading enzyme (MMPs). DermaPep TM 510, a collagen producer, induces collagen production. DermaPep TM UL, a skin brighter, lighten up your skin by inhibiting melanin production in melanocyte under the skin.

Function of DermaPepTM YouCel

Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-aging / Skin lifting / Skin regeneration / Skin brightening and lightening/ Sun protection

Composition information

Clinical Study

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